AudiClip - Wireless Ear Clip Bone Conduction Headphones

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Listen To Your Favorite Songs And Podcasts While On The Go

Walk, run, or lounge with your favorite songs playing in your ear by wearing our premium AudiClip. With its unique design, the AudiClip attaches to your ear bone and blasts quality audio with ease.

To make things better, the AudiClip comes with a quick-charging case that is available in sleek and modern colors. Not only that, but the AudiClip instantly connects to your device via bluetooth for your convenience.

Key Benefits

Hi-Fi Audio - Experience stereo-quality audio when wearing the AudiClip. It's improved with a noise reduction feature that elevates your on-the-go listening experience.

Instant Pairing - Our premium AudiClip instantly pairs to your device within seconds. Simply remove each bud from the case and the Bluetooth connection will commence.

Ergonomic Fit - Unlike traditional earphones, the AudiClip attaches to your ear bone, making it comfy to wear for hours. It fits snug on your ear bone without hurting your skin and cartilage.

Waterproof Material - Enjoy listening to your favorite song while exercising without ruining the AudiClip. The AudiClip is made with high-quality waterproof materials that ensure longterm use.