A Complete Guide On Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Have you ever faced problems tracking your GPS on your phone and driving your car simultaneously? If this is something you hate, this guide is for you. 

This guide is all about the magnetic car phone holders that are the ultimate solutions for people who love to explore new ways in their car or want the convenience of GPS while traveling. So, let's unveil what it has for you with our first section and then walk through our ultimate guide. 

Easy Installation

Easy installation is one of the great features of this magnetic car phone holder. It can be installed in a few minutes and is easy to remove when you don't need it. In addition, you can install it in any vehicle, so there's no need for special equipment or tools.


The magnetic car phone holder is consistent with all smartphones and tablets. It works with all cars, car models, and car brands.

Not only is some car phone holder easy to use and install, but it also comes with an adjustable 360-degree swivel ball joint. This swivel ball joint allows you to adjust the holder's position to any angle you want. 

Magnet Strength

Most magnetic phone holders come with the strength of a magnet measured in terms of its pull force. A strong magnet can hold onto your phone better, meaning there's less chance of you accidentally dropping it.

The stronger the magnet, the better. Some prefer using magnets with a pull force of over 3 pounds (1 kg). This is because it allows for more secure placement on your windshield or dashboard and makes removing your phone much easier if needed!

Quality of Material

The grade of the materials used to make the magnetic phone holder is important. The materials must be strong and durable, with a high degree of flexibility, so that they can be easily installed on your vehicle or other vehicles. Our car phone holders are durable and easy to maintain, which will help ensure they last longer without needing additional maintenance. As long as you choose high-quality products like these here at TechPlaza, you'll enjoy our product for many years without having any wear and tear!

Have No Metal Clips

Magnetic car phone holders are a great option if you want to keep your phone in place while driving. These holders have no metal clips that could scratch the paint on your car. It is also important because removing the device later when needed would make it more difficult. 

The only downside is that some people might find these magnetic cases uncomfortable or annoying when texting while driving. They interfere with hands-free technology such as Bluetooth headsets or voice commands activated by Siri or Google Assistant. But TechPlaza also provides you with solutions to this problem. Our Silicon car phone holder has no metal clips, which means whether you are texting or accessing GPS, you will have the full view. No metal bars will cover the screen! 

Holds The Phone With A Strong Force

Our magnetic car phone holder can have a strong hold on your phone. It will not break easily and protect your phone, and this holder will still work even if you use an old or damaged phone. This is because the magnet is strong enough to hold your device securely without any problems.

This means you won't have to worry about removing your device from its place to use it again! This is great news for people who often leave their phones somewhere else while driving around town because they need to check them frequently (and sometimes even while driving).

Works For Both Large Screen Phones And Small Screen Phones

Our magnetic phone holders work for both large and small-screen phones! This means you can use it with your iPhone 6 Plus or even an iPhone SE! This will be the perfect accessory for keeping it secure while driving if you have a larger-than-average smartphone.

Place Your Phone Anywhere In The Car

You can place your phone anywhere in the car.The dashboard is one of the most common places to put a phone, and it's also a good spot for an air vent mount because you can easily access it when driving. A dashboard or windshield mount is ideal if you have an iPhone 6 or 7 with a thin case; otherwise, try an air vent or CD player.

If you have an Android device and want something similar but more versatile, consider buying this magnetic car holder: wireless car phone holder. It has three different positions so that users can choose which side they want their phones located on when using them while driving: front, left/right/center rear, left/right, rear center back (the middle position).

Wrapping Up!

This is all about the car phone holders. Now that you know all about magnetic car phone holders, if you want to explore a different range of magnetic car phone holders, check out the TechPlaza store. We have an exclusive range of phone holders that will not miss to impress you.