3 Smart Home Security Gadgets To Keep You Safe

Home security devices act as protectors for your valuables, home and also your loved ones. Rapid-changing technology has given us tons of smart gadgets to make your home safer. These devices can include anything from a camera to a sensor alarm. 

Here is a list of smart security gadgets to keep an eye on your house and your stuff so that you don’t face surprises from thieves and burglars. Let’s get you started with the list. 

Wireless Home Security Cameras

There are dozens of indoor and outdoor security cameras, and while many offer different prototypes and prices, they will provide users with the same services and functions. 

TechzPlaza’s high-tech wireless  camera system for home security comes with every feature you would expect in a wireless security camera. These mini cameras can keep an eye on your house like a guard. 

Wireless Home Security Cameras

Let's look at the features that TechPlaza's cameras come with:-

CMOS Technology 

Our wireless home security cameras come with CMOS sensor technology. The CMOS technology camera helps with the advantage of simple structure, low power consumption, and strong temperature stability.


CMOS technology also is the one that made our camera so compact and portable that you can install these wifi cameras anywhere you want. 

High-Definition Picture Quality 

It comes with the high-definition 1080p to provide you with a clear view of videos. 

Motion Detection 

With this feature, the camera can immediately detect the movement, whether it is an intruder, a dog, or a package delivery or anything you could think of.  

Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Have you ever lost your keys or forgotten the key phrase of your password lock? Then this gadget is for you, just like the high-tech security camera this smart fingerprint padlock comes with embedded technology. This padlock makes a good choice to be the lock of your gym, bag, home door, lockers at school, or even cabinets. 

Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Let's look at some features that you might love about this padlock. 

Simple And Easy To Use

The padlock is just like any normal lock but with fingerprint technology. All you have to do is to put your finger on the sensor to lock and unlock it. 

Anti Cracking

Our padlock is made of zinc alloy material, assuring that it will last longer and is almost impossible for a forced break.  

Long Lasting Battery 

Not only is the padlock simple to set up. It has a simple and long-lasting battery of up to a year on a single charge. It can change the way it protects your things.  

Fast Fingerprint Recognition And Saving 

The smart fingerprint padlock allows you to store up to 10 fingerprints, and it only takes less than a second to recognize a finger making it fast and efficient for every end user.

Anti Theft Door Alarm

Unwanted visitors, intruders, or anything, a door stop alarm can stop them in the first place. You don't have to underestimate this device by its design, as it can act as both a door stopper and a door stop alarm. If someone tries a forced entry through the door or a window, it produces a large noise that is enough to scare all the burglars & intruders away. 

Anti Theft Door Alarm

It comes with a smart movement sensor and 3 levels of adjustability that you can access according to your ace and location settings. It is simple to employ and portable, so you can pack it with you to use in your hotel room. Made of a stainless steel base and an anti-skid base, it holds the capacity to give intruders a tough time and can even make them run away. 

This device can provide you with some of the features. 

Dual Functions

This single device can provide you with the functions of a door stopper + door sensor alarm

Maximum Security

It produces a 120db alarm sound and comes with 3 levels of sensitivity. You can adjust the sensitivity level according to your preferences. 


A device that is responsible for your home security has to be durable, and this is something that will be received with this door-stop alarm. Not only is it durable, but also anti-skid. Which means it will stay in the place you put it in. 

Easy Installation

The alarm is so easy to install. All you have to do is to place the alarm behind the door and remove it anytime you like. Due to the easy installation feature, you can also use this door stopper for your windows.


Perfect for home, dormitory, office, and hotel, this door-stop alarm is so portable that you can take it anywhere. 

Wrapping Up!

Thanks for reading! This is all about home security gadgets. Along with being perfect for your home, these devices are also affordable for everyone. We hope you have liked this guide. Techz Plaza is dedicated to delivering innovation and convenience to all its customers. We are trying to become a one-stop destination without creativity and unique finds.